Christian Stearry

Solo Shows

I'll Tell You Now What I Should've Told You Then, Courtesy of Aaron Jones, White House April 2017

Dear Catastrophe Waitress, Courtesy of Emily May Rose, Northern Contemporary July 2018

Solo Zines

Angela Carty You Suck/who watches the watchmen 2010

Meet Me In The Parkinglot 2011

Apparently I only care about two things 2012

If Your Feeling Sinister 2013
Goons 2013
Friends and Foes 2014

Split with Gonzalo Fredes 2015
I Just Want To Be Bad 2015

Everything You Need Is Right Here 2016

New Day Old World 2016

Group Zines

BOTY No Trials 2011
BOTY Friend Zone #100 2012
BOTY Format Perspective 2012
BOTY Best Of 2013

Radulthood 2014

Group Exhibitions

Never Comply Vancouver at Anti Social BOTY 2011

Format Perspective at OZ studios with BOTY 2012

Friends Stick Together LA w/Austin England and pals 2013

AGO first Thursdays w/ No Fun and BOTY Jan 2014

Antique Skate Shop Ottawa w/Ben Jensen 2014

Chill Wave at Cinecycle Toronto, Curated By Yohei Saka

Push/Pop/Kick Denver Curated by Mark Bueno 2015

Group Sext with Insight Venice Beach, Curated by Mirko Antich 2015

New Beginnings at Northern Contemporary, Curated by Emily May Rose 2016

Guilty Pleasures at Northern Contemporary, Curated by Emily May Rose 2016

Artist Profiles/Articles

Mint Magazine 2010
Beautiful Decay 2011
Popper Magazine Autumn 2012 2012
Lamono Magazine Issue #82 2012
Desillusion Magazine 2013

BoBos  2014

Fecal Face 2014

Interview With Michael C. Hsiung for Vans 2015

Stick It by Carpet Bombing Culture

Commercial Work

Album artwork and Posters for band RED RED RUN 2011

Independent Wedding Magazine Illustration 2012

Skateboard Graphic for skate shop So Hip It Hurts 2013

BOTY "Fuck Your Local Skate Shop" T shirt 2013

Converse Tumblr Content 2014